Hairbows are availabe in multiple sizes: mini bow, small bow, medium bow, and large bow. We also have 2 other larger styles available: The Double Bow & Triple Bow. If you are looking for dressy bows for special occassions, make sure to check out our darling sheer & satin bows!

Custom design your bows with any combination from our large selection of ribbon choices! All bows are made to order. Simply pick your size, style and ribbon choice, and I'll create your unique, custom bows!

Scroll down to see sample sizes and styles of hairbows. All ribbon ends are heat-sealed to prevent fraying.

Each hairbow is applied to a 2 prong, metal alligator clip and has a special, no-slip grip applied to it to keep hairbows in place even in the thinnest & finest hair!


Mini Bow



Small Bows

3/8 "

Small Flower Bow
With rhinestone center

With knot center

Medium Bows

7/8" with tails

Medium Double Bows


With 3/8" top bow

With 5/8" top bow

With 7/8" top bow

7/8" with twist-tie center

7/8" with triple tail base and 3/8" inch twist-tie & loop

Medium Stacked Bow

Double Bows with middle set of extra tails and/or looped layer

Medium Triple Bow

3 Layers of stacked bows

Large Bow

Large Douple Bow

Large Triple Bow

Dressy Bows

Sheer & Grosgrain Medium Bow

Sheer & Satin Medium Bow

Satin & Grosgrain Medium Bow

Browse my fun variety of bows for those special events & occassions! Birthdays, Holidays, Game Day, & more!

Birthday/Cupcake Bow
Great for birthdays and other special occasions, or for any girl who loves cupcakes!

Medium Cupcake Bow

With double tails

Triple Cupcake Bow
That extra special bow for festive fun!

Princess Bows
Perfect for that little princess! Great for birthdays and other special occasions as well.

Damask Princess Crown Bow

Boutique Print - Giraffe Bow

Boutique Print - Zebra Bow

School Spirit Bows
Great for teams, players, fans, and cheerleaders, customize these fun & funky bows in your school colors!

Game Day Bow
Great for showing your school spirit! Please inquire about ribbon printed with other sports

Holiday Bows
Festive and fun bows to warm up the winter holidays!

Halloween Bows
The perfect touch to complete your favorite spooky outfit!

Halloween Korker

With korker center

With 1 1/2" base


Ideal for newborns! Just apply with hair gel, honey, karo syrup, or any other tricks you have up your sleeve! Wet to remove and reuse.

Baby Bows ~ 1/4" Ribbon
Available in lots of 12.

(Samples. Available in any of the 78 colors pictured below)

1/4" Ribbon Selection:

You will recieve a variety of bows from the 78 ribbon colors pictured.
(Custom color lots available upon request.)

Baby Bows ~ 3/8" Ribbon
Available in lots of 8.

(Samples. Available in any of the 3/8" ribbon in stock.)